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28 nov 2023 om 20:04 prima pizza, helaas al sterk afgekoeld
25 nov 2023 om 20:16 Het was slecht eten was koud en een uur te laat bezorger zei dat het niet zijn fout was en dat ze het eten niet gemaakt hebben maar waarom was de pizza dan koud?
13 nov 2023 om 12:32 Delivery took 30 min longer than predicted and was done via 2 other stops thus the pizza was cold when arrived..
5 nov 2023 om 13:47 Ordered at 17.30 and pizza beppe placed the order for making 2 hours later at 19:45. If u re busy in the restaurant then just close the online order systems or cancel the order instead of letting people waiting for so long!
30 okt 2023 om 11:55 The pizza was delicious, but our first order was cancelled after 1h and then the second order took 2h to get delivered...
29 okt 2023 om 12:27 Understand it was Saturday evening but nearly three hours for a low quality pizza and another that came in wrong flavors. As of the latter, onion and tuna never go on pizza. You are not making a salad.
29 okt 2023 om 10:59 Disappointing. Second time when the estimated time is extremely overpassed. But this time it was just too much. I ordered at 7 and you arrived at 10:30. I will never order again from this restaurant and i expect a refund in the following days.
28 okt 2023 om 8:21 Delivery took ages.. pizza cold
26 okt 2023 om 16:42 Pizza was too cold and soggy. Delievery was very late.
21 okt 2023 om 23:07 Unbelievable that I make the order at 19:00, stating I want to have the pizza delivered at 20:30, ends up arriving at 21:30..?? Pizza tasting alright but cold af, def ruined an evening I had planned for me and my gf
21 okt 2023 om 20:16 Geannuleerd. Zou uiteindelijk ongeveer 3 uur duren voordat ik m’n eten kreeg. Gaat nergens over. Niets met Pizza Beppe te maken, maar puur Thuisbezorgd
17 okt 2023 om 21:39 Crazy slow delivery = cold and sad pizza